Water Wall Fun

After seeing some great examples of water walls on Pinterest, I wanted to try for my own unique water wall. This first photo is our completed Water Wall.


My intent was to have both items permanently attached and other items available for my student to “add on” taking their creative thinking process to the next level.


We began by adding vertical wooden spacers onto our existing cedar fence. This allowed us to better access the holes in the pegboard when wanting to slip in cable ties (zip strips).

Next, we nailed two sheets of peg board to our existing fence. These are the peg boards you commonly place in garages for hanging tools. Funnels, tubing, water noodles, recycled items, etc. were attached through the holes of the peg board using 8″ and 11″ Cable Ties (zip strips). It was important to complete a Water Wall, but yet have it  “open ended”, so my children could have the freedom to change it up in ways they conceived all by themselves.

IMG_1815 2

Using recycled items, I made up Water Wall Add-ons that could be easily placed by my children. Here I used pipe cleaners vs. the Cable Ties (zip strips) thinking my children could more easily manipulate and install the Add-on options.

IMG_1816 2

Funnels were another fun Add-on option.

IMG_1817 2

Other popular Add-ons were the plastic pots my spring plants were purchased in and plastic measuring pitchers I found at our local dollar store.


Large tubs are placed underneath to provide water to transfer and contain the water coming through.

IMG_1785 2

Varying the height of the objects on the wall allowed for success for children of different sizes.  


Here are some examples of materials that can be added to your wall. The colorful tubing in the photo to the right is called a supper pet crittertrail and is used for hamsters, mice, or gerbils. I liked the added color it provided for my water wall. It was found in my local pet store.


Over all I was very happy with the outcome of our Water Wall.  Happy Water Wall Fun Everyone!

by Pamela J. Stefanich

Family Child Care Professional