Steps to Making a Sensory Table

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If you were like me looking at all of the sensory tables out there and wanting to know how do they do that? I have a few easy steps to help you get started.
1. Think of a holiday or theme you would like to do.
2. What is going to be my large base material? Is there something out there that is a color I need already? (Try to avoid all of one kind of color. Use a few shades to appeal to the eye.)
3. Look around your house at what you have to add to it. (I am all about using what I have.)
4. Stop at your local hobby store and look at things you can add to it. Remember to get things you can use again next year, for a different season, or on a light table. (I like to go clearance shopping after the holiday and store it away in the tote with that season for next year with a note of the idea I had.)
5. Add it together and create. Remember you can always add or take things away from this sensory table. Be patient. Maybe your child will have an idea when he/she starts to play with it.

This is what I did….
1. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I needed something new to use.
2. I have a ton of rice.  I can color some of it so it is white with the red/pink specks in it!
a. Take the amount of rice you want and put it in your sensory tub.
b. Get a container with a lid that shuts tight. Add about 1/8 cup of hand sanitizer and regular food coloring from your kitchen.


c. Add however much rice you want to change. The more food coloring the darker it is. You can always add more food coloring as you go.
d. Place the lid on it and shake it good.
e. Poor rice out on tinfoil on a table or a cookie sheet and let dry in the sun or naturally in the kitchen. It takes about 20min to fully dry. Use a spoon and move around the rice. It should be dry before adding to your sensory bin.


3. I looked at what I had last year and I had these great little bristle balls. I think I picked them up from a $1 bin and a package of diamonds (There was a note on them.)
4. I wanted more so I went to the hobby store and picked up these neat hearts!


5. I added it all together and here is my finished product. I am already aware I will need to get the clear plastic bowels out. I keep them on hand because the kids will want to sort them and then count the items.


While I was looking for something more to add at the hobby store, these gems caught my eye and I was able to make a neat light table too!


I hope this gets the creative juices flowing.

Laurie Fisher
Family Child Care Professional