Popeye’s Spinach

Popeye & spinach. They go together like mac & cheese or PB & J. For the children in my care, spinach has become a favorite vegetable. Especially since they saw Popeye’s muscles bulge after eating this healthy, leafy green.

Popeye's Spinach
Popeye’s Spinach

Spinach, therefore, was a natural choice when I decided to embark on a growing project. The box curriculum I receive presented a project regarding soil and rocks. From there, I decided since it was spring, it was time to plant! Because I don’t have space for in indoor garden, I used a window for a vertical grow space. A plastic page meant to hold collector’s cards was the perfect “pot” for our seeds.

Spinach 1Spinach 2


After discussing rocks and soil and exploring a sensory bin of the two—along with some small pots and artificial flowers—it was time to plant.

Spinach 3

Using only one row of the collector’s cards plastic page, the children suggested planting our seeds in rocks, soil, and a mix of the two.

spinach 4

Using suction cups with hooks (I reinforced one side with packing tape and hole punched it. The other side has the hole to put the page in a binder.), we hung this in the window, watered with a turkey baster, and began to watch.

spinach 5spinach 6

Though the weather outside was not great for growing, the indoor “garden” began to sprout—only in the pocket with soil—and soon the kids were begging to eat spinach!

Michelle Haase
Family Child Care Professional