State of South Dakota

The process of being State Registered is voluntary in the state of South Dakota. Recently on our closed Facebook page, we discussed the benefits of being registered with the State. I thought is helpful to list them here.

1st – A certificate from the state can indicate that a provider went the extra mile to meet the health and safety standards of the state. This is an extra assurance to parents and can be interrupted that the safety factor for their child has increased.

2nd – If a conflict or concern with a parent arises, providers can document the concern with their licensing social worker. The licensing social worker has that provider’s FCC Business history and access to their records. If false accusations are being made against the provider, on record will be the documentation with the state about this particular parent, as well as, that provider’s own documentation.

3rd – Providers can decide if they want to work with families on Childcare Assistance or not. It is a personal business choice.

4th – Being state registered puts providers in a marketing advantage above other care givers.

5th – If state grants are ever available in the future, state registered providers with be notified and have access to the funds. None registered providers have no access to these funds.

Click here for more information on becoming registered with the State of South Dakota.