Record Keeping & Legal Resources

 Tom Copeland

One of the most important resources I could share with you that would impact your child care business the most would be to introduce you to Tom Copland’s Taking Care of Business blog. 

Tom Copeland is a licensed attorney who has written 9 books on the Business of Family Child Care. Tom began writing books on record keeping and tax preparation when his own wife was in the business of Family Child Care. Some of the other titles of his books are: Legal & Insurance Guide, Business Planning Guide, Contracts & Policies, and his Money Management & Retirement Guide. He realized a great need then, as we have now, for this information.  Take the time to read his full bio on his blog.

 On his blog page,, you can find all his articles, as well as, handouts from recent workshops. In most cases, his articles come right out of his books. This is a nice option if purchasing his set of books is currently above your budget. Adding his books to your personal library at a later date, would be well worth the investment.

Take the time to search for Tom Copeland on Facebook. If you like his face book page, you will receive notices of specific articles you can read on your Facebook feed. A link on the face book post will take you right to the article on his blog. On Facebook, you can easily share these articles with others in the business of Family Child Care.  Just like his face book page after searching for Tom Copeland. (Saint Paul, Minnesota~Author)

If you have a need to talk to Tom Copeland personally, he will promptly respond to emails at [email protected]. Tom has in the past gone to court, free of charge, and personally stood beside a care giver wrongfully charged in incidents with relevance to taxes. Providers, in the past, have gone to Tom with legal questions and had them answered the same day.

Tom Copeland provides many webinars through NAFCC. He suggests contacting Tracy Halverson and requesting the details. Tom’s webinars are $25 and tax deductible.


Books By Kelly, LLC

Kelly started Books by Kelly to provide licensed child care providers with a resource to help them keep up-to-date with tax laws as they pertain to their business. In home child care is a very unique business that requires unique business solutions. Books by Kelly provides bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning and preparation to over 450 licensed daycare providers throughout the United States.

Kelly grew up in a licensed child care home and was a licensed provider for 12 years. She worked for the Child and Adult Care Food Program as a field representative for 9 years. Kelly has been facilitating workshops around the country for Child Care Providers for 19 years. She studies under Tom Copeland at The Redleaf National Institute. Kelly is an Enrolled Agent and an Accredited Tax Preparer.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the MN Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals and was recently invited to assist Prometric and the Internal Revenue Service in writing the exam taken by tax professionals across the country.