Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips for your Child Care Business

Low Cost Promotions

Establish a Business Name or Business Logo.

Produce Business Cards and Letterheads. Give them to everyone.

Place a Business Sign in your front window or lawn. Check with your  local government offices to see if there are any ordinances restricting business signs.

Wear a Name Badge or have your Business Name/Logo printed on a shirt.

Establish a Business Checking Account and Checks

Produce a Business Flyer or Brochure

Establish a Provider Web Site

Write up Incentive Coupons. Examples: No Registration Fee, $25 off the first week of care, one Free Evening of care.

Distribute Door Hangers in your neighbor.

Give out Keepsakes or Promotion Items: Pens, Key Chains, Notepads, Pins/Bottons

Distribution of Marketing Materials (Business Cards, Business Flyer,      Incentive Coupons) in the Community. Ask for the long list from me.

Place a Welcome Mat with Business Name/Logo at your front door.

Gift your daycare children T-Shirt advertising your business. Should include your phone number.

This summer you and your children must March in your Local Parade.

Send a note to your alumni magazine or submit an article or ad in your alumni newsletter.

List your openings with the 211HelpLine or with the Sioux Empire Childcare Network.

Read Tom Copeland’s book, Family Child Care Marketing Guide.


Paid Advertising

Newspaper: If you are starting a business or have a sudden drop in enrollment.

Advertising on the Internet: Metropolitan newspapers run classified ads on their Web sites. Look for local Web sites that parents may use: parent newspapers and magazines, entertainment weeklies, universities, community colleges, and city guides.

Television, Radio, and Other Paid Advertising: Volunteer during a pledge drives. Your Business name will be read on the air. Appear or call into a locally produced program. Invite the producers to tape a show at your home. Be sure to identify yourself and your business name. Large employers or local unions may publish newsletters that sell advertising space. It could be a special event for children where you give away stickers or other keepsakes.

The above information was taken from Tom Copeland’s book, Family Child Care Marketing Guide which is available through RedLeaf Press.