Brochures, Business Cards, and MORE


Advertising is the best way to promote your family daycare business. Advertising options can range from very inexpensive (such as distributing fliers) to very expensive (buying advertising space in a newspaper).

Fliers and brochures are a simple and easy way to create visibility for your in-home daycare. The best places to leave fliers and brochures are where children and parents assemble. Think toy stores, Laundromats, pediatric hospitals, grocery stores, Lamaze classes, churches, shopping centers.

Business cards are an important marketing tool that adds to and conveys your professional image. Always have them handy. You never know when an opportunity to market yourself will be at hand. Hand them out to everyone who will represent you in a professional manner. In addition, handing them out to your current clients makes it easy for them to refer potential clients to you. Vista Print provides free simple personalized business cards. All you must pay for is the shipping costs.

Also consider adding your business to an online directory. By signing up and creating a child care provider profile, you can increase the visibility of your business. The following are directory options:

Publishing Software

Graphic and Desktop Publishing –software can create: Newsletters, Brochures, Business Cards, Cards, Fliers, Labels, Postcards, and so much more!

Many graphic publishing software’s can help you create simple brochures, newsletters, business cards, etc. They are also useful to get your creative juices flowing. Most types of software provide clip art for you which in turn can give you ideas in creating a name or logo for your business. Or, if you just don’t feel creative they also have predesigned templates in which you can just insert your information.

Examples of some software:

  • The Print Shop
  • Art Explosion Publisher Pro
  • Print Master Platinum
  • Print Master Gold
  • Print Explosion Deluxe
  • Microsoft Publisher

Easy Printing

There are many websites out there that allow you to make your own business cards, brochures, stickers, fliers, etc. One of my favorites is Vista Print. This site has pre-designed logos or upload your own designs.

Examples of products:

• Postcards  • Business Cards  • Magnets  • Address Labels  • Letterheads  • Tee Shirts  • Calendars  • Brochures  • Folders  • And so much more


Be Seen! Have colorful t-shirts, hats, and/or totes made with your logo, the name of your daycare and contact information. Wear these items when you are out in public. Have the children wear them when on field trips. Use your car as a billboard. Place plates, stickers or other signage on the car you drive to advertise and promote your family daycare effortlessly. Café Press has wonderful items to put your logo on.

Examples of products:


  • Prints and Cards
  • Mugs and Ceramics
  • Fun Stuff: Yo Yo’s, Bears, animal clothes
  • Kids and Baby stuff: bibs, onesies, etc
  • Home Décor: Clocks, mouse pads, etc

Web Design

Websites or web pages are inexpensive ways to reach potential clients. Today, you can obtain web space FREE or buy web space very cheaply. All one need do is insert your information into a simple template. is a perfect example, offering inexpensive web space and an easy to use web builder. If you are not handy with a computer or web design is not your forte, is easy to use allowing you to simply insert your information in a predesigned website format. The opportunity for a potential client to view what you are offering on a website prior to an interview maybe the factor necessary for them to choose to interview you before someone else.

Child Care Rates

Make sure your rates are competitive with rates in your area. You can do so by checking how your rates fall in line with the most recent Market Rate Survey (aka. South Dakota Child Care Workforce and Market Rate Report). The State of South Dakota surveys the current rates of centers, group homes, and Family Child Care Providers every few years. You can view the actual page of the survey or information pertinent to Family Child care here… FCC Market Rate Survey April 2013 pg 1.