Parent Resources

We know as care givers how frustrating it is for parents to find child care. On this page, we hope that we can help you with this process.

While there is a ton of information out on the web, here are a few links with helpful information:

211 Help!Line

The 211Help!Line data base, connecting parents and providers in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities, is going to continue to be a resource for families and care givers through an  appreciated grant opportunity.  We have requested information on the future goals of the 211 Help!Line for children and families. We will keep you posted.

Parents & Child Care Home Providers

The above link will take you to a printable brochure that provides information on the required registration process for all care givers located within the city limits of Sioux Falls South Dakota who care for more than one family. 

Child Care Aware

South Dakota Regulations

South Dakota Bright Start