Stepping Logs


Little did I know that introducing stepping logs into my outdoor environment would impact the children in my care in so many different ways.

Quick to embrace the growing trend of more natural outdoor environments, I was excited when my husband explained they had lost a few trees where he worked to a late spring ice storm. He further explained that he would be bringing home pieces of a large tree.


We didn’t currently own a chain saw. As you can imagine, this was an excellent excuse to run out and buy one. The longer logs were cut in various sizes to add more challenge and risk to the placement of little feet. That my husband was a novice chain saw user only benefited the final result.


When winter came, it was fun to observe my children still enjoying the logs.


The best surprises came when my children asked if they could turn over the logs. Wow! Who knew we were supplying the environment for all those ecosystems! Bugs, worms, and even plant life were found.




Plant life!


Creepy crawly things!


Rolly pollies!

13319933_1137424132987531_6830051055623513533_n (1)13327436_1137424146320863_788128712306643959_n

Daddy long legs! (Look for it.) They are gifted at camouflage.


So consider adding nature’s stepping logs to your early childhood setting and let the discovery BEGIN!

Pamela Stefanich

Family Child Care Professional

[email protected]