An Outside Bag

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You hear the questions in a group of friends or online. That one question that all have at some point.  What do you do when your group of children goes outside and one has a BM diaper?  Well you all are in luck because this is what I do…I have an Outside Bag!  My youngest is 5 and I don’t have to worry about diapers so this is just directed for the daycare children I take outside.

So first I looked everywhere for a bag that I would like.  Outside pockets are good because I have stuff I just want to put places. I spoke with other providers and found this bag. It is from Thirty One and the added bonus was I found a provider that sells Thirty One! It is called a Zip Top Organizing tote or a Zout! The reason I went with this bag is because I could zip it up or leave it unzipped it stayed open because the fabric was a stiff easy to clean fabric to keep its shape.  Also there are 5 pockets on the outside! I was thinking water bottles for the kids or other things I will see what happens when I use it! I went on line to and ordered it.  The bag came in about a week and I was set!

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So this is what I added to my bag. I needed a changing pad, Wipes, Kleenex and Diapers. The changing pad you can pick up anywhere in the baby section. Because I have more than one child in Diapers I just put an initial on each child’s diaper with permanent marker. When I used it then I would just replace it.  Don’t get me wrong I take the child to the deck area for some privacy when changing him/her. But I am outside and still watching the other children.

bag insides tissues

So I had my essentials to change a child and wipe their nose. I also keep a few plastic grocery bags in there to put the dirty diapers in and Kleenex. I decided to add sunscreen and bug spray because you never know when you need to reapply and if the bugs are terrible that day. You can also add some fun stuff to the bag like Bubbles and Chalk.  This way when you want them they are there and you don’t need to go back into the house for them.

bug stuffbubbleschalk

I have a dog and I have attached one of those poop bag holders to the strap because you never know when you will need them. Child scissors found a home also for the popsicles we have. Also in that same pocket is a tape measure because I have ideas on occasion and want to measure the space and see if it can work. I know this is something my husband wishes I would not have! LOL Another outside pocket contains kazoos. The bag is a great thing to have around and makes my life simple. Also the kids can go and get what they want and there is no question where to get a Kleenex because they are always in the bag.

inside of bag with tissus inside of bag

I hope this inspires you to make a bag even if it is just for the fun stuff outside and water bottles if you don’t have children in diapers.  It can be made for a center or a classroom, maybe just to have outside when you have a fire pit with friends and family. It could hold the s’mores stuff! Have fun and post some of your bags and ideas on FCCPSD Facebook Page!

Laurie Fisher

Family Child Care Professional